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2G-ACM - M4 VS AK74 - STAGE 4 - Spinner of Doom & Conclusions



Per many requests, we're going to do some content about the M4 "vs" the AK74.

Stage 4: Burn some of your 90 second par time on a spinning pistol target so you're more stressed about actually spinning the 50 yard MGM spinner target with your rifle while prone on a roof top barricade. You'd better neutralize that pistol target quick becuase you need that time for that rifle spinner!

Par times have interesting psychological effects on shooters and are another way to instill stress inoculation.

This video also has our conclusions about this M4 vs AK74 match and an early review of the Hard Head Veterans FAST ballistic helmet we used throughout the day.

We both ran in Armored division as we recently received an excellent ballistic FAST helmet from Hard Head Veterans to test out. We plan to have a full review and discussion about that helmet by using it in a number a matches going forward.

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