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KV-13 Mod 2 AK-47 from Krebs Custom Update



Installing New 7.62 IMS Titanium Muzzle Device from Krebs Custom and Liberty Suppressors AK-47 A-Kaotic Suppressor on KV-13 Mod 2 AK-47 Krebs Customs and Liberty Suppressors Teamed Up to Design and Manufacture the AK-47 A-Kaotic Suppressor AK47 Specific Silencer for the Krebs Custom KV-13 Mod 2 AK-47. Liberty Suppressors & Krebs Customs wanted to create a 7.62x39 specific platform where accessories like, muzzle devices and suppressors can easily be added. Also included in this is video is the Holosun Paralow HS503G Red Dot Sight - ACSS Reticle from Primary Arms. Sounds like AK Chaotic AK-47 Suppressor.

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  • Category: AK-47
  • Uploaded: 06/11/2017