I was in the Marine Corps for 6 years as a infantryman. During my time in service I did a total of 3 combat deployments, first was in 2007 to Ramadi Iraq. My second was in 2009 to Helmand Province Afghanistan, and my 3rd and last deployment was to Marjah Afghanistan in 2011. While in I served under Americas Battalion, 2nd Battalion 8th Marines. I'm currently 100% medically retired and now a stay at home dad to my 3 beautiful kids. Without the support and feedback from my subscribers and the ones who watch my videos none of this would possible for me. So I want to personally thank all of you. If you guys like my videos or pulled something away from them that you didn't know then please subscribe, comment, like, and share. Thanks for tuning in and here's to many more awesome videos to come. Thanks and god bless