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You never know when you will be the first responder! We used to think about trauma just being an accident at the range, now major trauma events are coming to our schools, work places, and where we shop. You need to be prepared for an emergency in these situations. You need the right gear and the right training!

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NRA Meeting 2017

Placing a patient in the recovery position!

I got put into Facebook Jail for this video! haha

SOF Tactical Tourniquet (SOFT-T) Wide with upgraded buckle!


Henry Big Boy .357 / .38

PHLster Flatpack Tourniquet Carrier

Israeli T3 Bandage

Faxon 14.5 AR-15

Olaes Modular Bandage

ELSA (Emergency Life Saving Armor) Plate Carrier

STOP Buying Fake CAT Tourniquets!