M*CARBO Since 2012, M*CARBO has been designing and manufacturing American made Competition Parts & Accessories for Superior Riflemen that demand Match Grade Performance & Accuracy out of their Firearms. We're a Veteran Owned and Operated Business that continues to Support the Constitution of the United States and those who protect and preserve the freedoms we happily enjoy on a daily basis. From the very beginning M*CARBO has been radically changing the firearms industry with new and innovative solutions to eliminate heavy factory triggers and empower shooters to be deadly accurate. We take pride in the fact that all of our products are made here in America and we stand behind everything we make with a 100% Lifetime Guarantee. M*CARBO leads from the front as we have completely redefined customer service within the firearms industry by treating customers as Brothers. We're constantly collaborating with the M*CARBO Brotherhood who is just as passionate as we are to completely revolutionize the firearms industry with affordable solutions to real factory equipment problems. Factory problems that are a result of cheap foreign manufacturing, political pressure and corporate structure that has completely removed itself from the customer experience. As a Veteran Owned and Operated Business we're just as passionate about Supporting our Troops in any way possible; it's why we work so hard to be the best of the best within the industry. The more successful we are, the more successfully we can support those who stand ready to give everything they have in defense of our Great Nation. It's our Mission to be the Leading American Manufacturer of Exceptional Firearm Parts and Service that enable us to provide immediate and long term support to wounded American Soldiers, their Families and to the Families of our Fallen. Thank you for helping us, Support the Troops and Welcome to the M*CARBO Brotherhood! M*CARBO can be spelled MCARBO or M-CARBO but we prefer M*CARBO and pronounced M...CAR..BO