Welcome to the CloverTac Channel! CloverTac is a Texas company that strives to "Chain Fire Freedom". So what does this mean? It boils down to furthering education on a subject by first learning that subject then passing it on. We work to educate in hopes that those we educate will pass that knowledge forward. Firearms and reloading are our topics of education, typically. We are particularly involved with youth shooting sports programs. However, we also work with the TSRA (Texas State Rifle Association) to reach adults that are interested in education. In addition, we work with the TSRA on firearm related legislation in Texas. We love our experts too! CloverTac works with a myriad of experts, trainers and businesses in an effort to further knowledge as well as test, review, research and recommend products of interest. In short, we love and support our firearm enthusiast community. Thank you for being a part of the CloverTac family. We cannot "Chain Fire Freedom" without YOU!