80% Arms - 80% Arms is dedicated to providing the highest quality 80% lowers and jigs on the market. Sometimes when you want something done right, you have to build it yourself. That's just what we did when we designed our jigs and lowers from the ground up to include all the features we believe are necessary to build a great product. We even designed and brought to consumers the very first commercial router jig revolutionizing how lowers are milled. (EasyJig®) Our products are precision machined on state of the art 5-axis CNC machines in The People’s Republic of California. We only use premium aluminum made in the USA. It costs more than Chinese aluminum, but the perfect lower would not be perfect if we used inferior materials. We take great pride in our level of service and products, adhering to the strictest quality control practices in the industry. We’re constantly innovating and looking for ways to support the 80% community. Our day-to-day operations are run by an Army veteran with extensive combat experience in both Iraq an Afghanistan. Customer support is supervised by a Marine who is a certified armorer. We also have an MP in customer support. While engineers design products, it’s the folks on the front line that know what works and what doesn’t. That experience goes into our design and testing to ensure our products will meet and exceed your expectations. Whether you call us or visit our shop in-person, you're going to get knowledgeable people to give you sound advice you can trust. 80% Arms 12282 Monarch Street. Garden Grove, CA 92841 https://www.80percentarms.com CALL US: (949)-354-2767 (ARMS) https://www.facebook.com/80percentarms http://www.twitter.com/80PercentArms https://www.instagram.com/80percentarms https://www.pinterest.com/80percentarms https://www.full30.com/channels/80percentarms https://plus.google.com/+80PercentArmsBest https://vimeo.com/80percentarms